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We are constantly working on the development and provision of teaching and educational material that should support teachers as well as educational experts in practice.

Take a look at our current educational materials:

One of ourcurrent projects is a manual for teachers (especially for classes 7 to 9) about the 17 goals for sustainable development (Sustainable Development Goals/SGD). This publications shoul encourage teachers who theach classes 7 to 9 to integrate the goals for sustainable development within the meaning of "learning about, learning through and learning for the SGDs" into their lessons. Therefore each SGD and its background is described and illustrated by a "Story of Change" of one of the participating countries. Furthermore, the brochure suggests a.o. learning goal and core competencies for students as well as concrete ieas for classes in practice.

Teaching the Sustainable Development Goals



You can order the print edition (free of charge) here.

Cashew – A Global Learning Challenge is an inclusive educational resource for the ninth and tenth grade but is adaptable for ESD at other levels as well. The example of the small cashew shows how inclusion and ESD can be addressed at school with a variety of inclusive didactic-methodical ideas from the perspectives of the four countries Germany, India, Mexico and South Africa.

International experts from the ESD Expert Net as well as teachers in inclusive and special education from the four countries participated in the creation of the inclusive educational material. This project was realized in cooperation with the association Behinderung und Entwicklungszusammenarbeit e.V. (bezev) in Germany. Additionally, the South African adaptation has also been supported by Fundisa for Change, South Africa.


In addition, we offer an intensive insight into the educational foundations of Education for Sustainable Development through numerous concept papers. The following concept papers are currently available for download (English):

What is Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)?
Thomas Hoffmann, Hannes Siege

Is there a specific ESD methodology?
Thomas Hoffmann

Getting out of the confusion of E-, S- and D-competencies
Sanskriti Menon, Thomas Hoffmann

The concept of whole school approach – a platform for school development with focus on sustainable development
Reiner Mathar

The concept of competencies in the context of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
Maik Adomßent, Thomas Hoffmann

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) & Dimensions of Sustainable Development (SD)
Erach Bharucha, Hannes Siege

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as modern education – A glimpse on India
Erach Bharucha, Thomas Hoffmann

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