stands for Education for Sustainable Development and combines experts from different educational fields into a global partnership

the ESD Expert Net


Education for Sustainable Development

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) enables people to understand the effects of their own actions on future generations and other parts of the world and to operate responsibly in a complex world. Beyond the factual knowledge of ecological, economic and political topics, it is, above all, also about the imparting of values and competencies that enable us to shape the world in a sustainable way.

The ESD Expert Net – dialogue and exchange in the global network

Our thinking should not stop at our own borders. Education for Sustainable Development is unimaginable without a global perspective and mutual learning from one another.

Together, we are therefore encouraging international exchange through ESD and are developing cross-border approaches and strategies. We are jointly developing opportunities for further education and materials and ideas for educational practice. In participating countries - Germany, India, Mexico and South Africa - we are also supporting policy, as well as schools, universities and other educational institutions on implementation and realisation.

The ESD Expert Net, together with Engagement Global, was selected by UNESCO as the key international partner for the implementation of the “Education for Sustainable Development” world programme of action and will actively support the process in the coming years.