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What is ‘Go! Global‘?

‘Go! Global‘ is a virtual school exchange programme which gives pupils the possibility to share their experiences and thoughts on different topics across national borders. The programme addresses schools worldwide and thus contributes to a valuable exchange on a global level.

The programme facilitates pupils to exchange their practical experience related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), for example school gardening and food production or waste disposal and recycling. Those are topics that concern everyone – irrespective of their country of origin. Through virtual exchange pupils cannot only explore common ground and differences, but also learn to recognise and analyse global connections, share their experience with each other and gain new thought-provoking impulses for their own behaviour and actions on a local level.

... is a virtual school exchange on:

  • school gardens
  • plant diversity
  • cultures and traditions

... is a virtual school exchange on:

  • waste management
  • recycling
  • upcycling

How does ‘Go! Global‘ work?

Learners engaged in local sustainability activities have regular contact with learners from other countries over a period of several months. They communicate via different channels, such as video conferences or the exchange of self-made photographs and videos.

Therefore, ‘Go! Global‘ empowers pupils to think glo¬bally and connect new experiences with corresponding actions on a local level.

Do it yourself! Manual

We created a manual in form of an interactive mind map which can be explored in an individual, flexible and intuitive way. Based on your interests you can learn organically how to do virtual exchanges with your students in a ‘Go! Global‘-style.



On top of that, we created virtual communities where you can learn more about our work, get engaged with possible partners and share your experience concerning virtual school exchange.

Please join us here: virtual communities


**The DIY manual as well as the virtual communities are personal offers of the members of the ESD Expert Net.


Download the new flyers here:

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