14th International Network Meeting of the ESD Expert Net

9th to 16th of November 2019, Puebla

At the 14th International Network Meeting of the ESD Expert Net, forty active members from Germany, India, Mexiko and South Africa met in Puebla, Mexico. In that week, the network members reflected on the conducted activities and the network’s products that were developed this year. Furthermore, they worked on a joint strategic development of the network’s activities and their potential contribution to the planned Global Action Programme “ESD for 2030”, the global sustainability agenda as well as the according global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). While doing this, specific workplans for the further structural anchoring of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in the respective national education plans, curricula as well as for mainstreaming ESD in the participating countries Mexico, South Africa, Germany and India were developed.

On the 15th of November, an event for a specialist public on “Mobilising Capacities for Global Sustainable Action" took place in the context of the Network Meeting. The event was organized by network members and mentees of the ESD Expert Net’s international Mentoring for ESD-Leadership Programme. This was followed by a poster presentation of the projects the mentees had planned and carried out within their one-year training on Education for Sustainable Development.

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