Enhancing the cooperation/Shared perspectives

In May of 2018, the South African academics Prof. Esther Kibuka-Sebitosi of the University of South Africa and Prof. Rob O'Donoghue of Rhodes University did an academic stay at the Institute of Educational Research of the Universidad Veracruzana in Xalapa, Mexico. They were supported by the German non-profit organization Engagement Global, the ESD Expert Net and the UNESCO Chair "Citizenship, Education and Environmental Sustainability of Development".

The aim was to show what the academics do in their country, as well as the shared challenges and perspectives in Mexico and South Africa regarding ESD.

Esther Kibuka-Sebitosi presented the lecture "Dancing to the African drum: African Renaissance in the 21st-century politics and academy", in which she stated that Europeans haven’t focused on the African continent because of the distance and because the connection to local institutions are weak. She explained that the environment in which they carry out their work is of a complexity that is not reflected in the educational programs and exemplified by the fact that in South Africa there are eleven official languages, each representing a different vision of the world.

Rob O'Donoghue delivered a talk on "Clarifying collective social learning for transitioning to future sustainability", which spoke of theoretical proposals on educational processes that occur in South Africa. He specifically emphasized the model "C.A.R.E.", whose purpose it is to achieve education for sustainability based on pedagogical innovations.

In another activity during their visit, the two South African academics participated in a conversation in which they discussed the challenges and perspectives of academic collaboration between Mexico and South Africa, which they and their Mexican partners committed to.

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