Mentoring programme for education for sustainable development

The Global Action Programme (GAP) “Education for Sustainable Development” focuses on the strengthening and mobilisation of the youth as one of five emphases. The ESD Expert Net and Engagement Global are both key partners of UNESCO in the realization of this field of action.

According to the UN around 1.2 billion people between the age of 15 and 24 years currently live on our planet – more than ever before. They are the generation which has to deal with the possible consequences of a non-sustainable development. Therefore, the central key position of the youth when creating a sustainable world is more than palpable.

The youth needs to have the opportunity to acquire skills, which are necessary to be actively involved in the worldwide sustainability process and be able to independently carry ESD-projects.

Through years of experience in the implementation of Leadership Trainings and through the professional expertise, members of the ESD Expert Net have the necessary know-how to be greatly involved in this development.

Therefore, the ESD Expert Net currently plans the implementation of a mentoring programme for young professionals and graduates, who are or want to be active in the ESD-area. The announcement is expected to be published in the beginning of the year 2017 at this website.

You can find further information about the ESD-Leadership Training here.

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