Teaching and learning materials

Foto: Barbara Frommann

The ESD Expert Net agreed on a core curriculum for the mediation of ESD, on which basis an international training manual for multipliers was created.Among others, it provides the foundation for the implementation of Training of Trainers, which is performed by members of the network.

The effort of the ESD Expert Net of giving learners a global access to the topics of sustainable development and showing its multi-perceptivity, takes account of the work on this shared, transnational understanding of ESD.


You can access the international training manual here:
Trainers’ manual

Based on the international curriculum the online-platform “Schools for Sustainability – a Resource Toolkit for Teacher Training” including several working materials was created.
Schools for Sustainability – a Resource Toolkit for Teacher Training



Concept Papers

We currently offer the following concept papers:

“Is there a specific ESD methodology?”

Thomas Hoffmann
March 2014



“The concept of whole school approach – a platform for school development
with focus on sustainable development”

Reiner Mathar
März 2013



“The concept of competencies in the context of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)”

Maik Adomßent und Thomas Hoffmann
März 2013



“Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as modern education – A glimpse on India”

Thomas Hoffmann and Erach Bharucha
October 2013



“Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) & Dimensions of Sustainable Development (SD)”

Hannes Siege und Erach Bharucha



“Getting out of the confusion of E-, S- and D-competencies”

Sanskriti Menon und Thomas Hoffmann



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