Our Vision
Education for sustainable development – for everybody and everywhere

In a globalised world, our actions of today have a direct impact on future generations in other regions of the world. Whether concerning the threat of climate change, the loss of biodiversity or social tensions – the worldly challenges we face in our time cannot be understood without the awareness of the complex interaction between ecological, social and economical factors. And they are not manageable without a mankind that represents sustainability in a competent and independent manner. If we want to lay the foundations of a decent and liveable future, we need to evaluate the effects of our actions today on living conditions tomorrow and elsewhere and act accordingly. The knowledge and skills necessary for this are given by Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

We, the ESD Expert Net, are convinced that the capacity to learn and act together across country borders and continents are at the heart of sustainable changes. Only through international cooperation innovative ideas can be realized and ESD can be reflected and expanded in its global perspective.

We are committed to embedding ESD systematically in all areas of formal and non-formal education in the long term. We convey to educators, multipliers and trainers the tools needed to include ESD in their work. We counsel politics and civil society about expedient approaches and implementation strategies and thereby reinforce their capacity, knowledge and competence to promote sustainable development.

As key partner of UNESCO in the implementation of the Global Action Programme on ESD we share their endeavour “to generate and scale up action in all levels and areas of education and learning to accelerate progress towards sustainable development”.


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