Training of Trainers (ToT)

With the Training of Trainers (ToT) the ESD Expert Net offers a practice- and skills-oriented training in the topic of Education for sustainable Development for multipliers. The trainers’ manual was jointly complied by network members from all participating countries and automatically opens up a wide, global perspective on ESD to all training participants. The practical implementation of the ToT occurs adjusted to the particular national context.

The backbone of the training course is the Whole School Approach. The basis of this concept is a model of sustainable development, which refers to the future-oriented structuring of all areas of life. Besides the curricular implementation of ESD, it focuses on the structural integration of sustainable development in the school management and school life.


Contents and Goals

The ToT is designed to provide multipliers with a broader understanding of and more knowledge about issues related to sustainable development and to enable them to independently guide education staff to ESD. Normally two theoretical units built the framework for a practical phase, in which the participants are to implement an ESD-project in their institution or school.

The specific contents can be customized in line with the frameworks and requirements of the participants. Essentially they include the following foci:

  • ESD in the context of increasing global risks and challenges
  • Concept and framework of ESD
  • ESD as function of the entire school
  • Elements of precise planning processes of ESD-projects
  • Curricular implementation and use of teaching and learning tools

If you are interested in the realization of a ToT in your institution or school please contact us!

Resource Toolkit: Schools for Sustainability – a Resource Toolkit for Teacher Training


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