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Go! Global

Partnership project between schools in Mexico, South Africa, India and Germany

“Go! Global” is a programme of virtual school exchanges with specific thematic focuses. Schools from around the world have similar challenges, for example food production and waste management. “Go! Global Garden” gives students the opportunity to get a broader picture and knowledge regarding school gardens, food production, cultures and traditions around the globe and “Go! Global Reclaim the Rubbish” enables students to understand the problems regarding waste in their own environment and how these problems are different in context and settings around the world. The students communicate with each other over several months through videos, photos, video conferences and other media. “Go! Global” links the local acting with the global thinking. Students get a personal relation towards students from all around the globe and understand that we are all linked.

In the first phase “Go! Global” was tested with three schools and 31 students in Mexico, South Africa and Germany. An evaluation was done in form of a pre- and post-test, which showed that the knowledge of the students about the other countries, and as well plant diversity, increased.

In the second phase it is being tested with ten schools and 170 students from India, Mexico, South Africa and Germany.

In 2015 the team of “Go! Global” did a workshop at the World Environmental Education Congress in Sweden and an oral presentation at the Public Forum: “Encuentro Mundial de Acciones Sustentables” in Saltillo, Mexico. In 2016 “Go! Global Garden” was invited to present themselves as one of 25 best practice examples of ESD at the congress “WeltWeitWissen” in Bonn, Germany.

“Go! Global” provides three forms of innovation:

  1. It is not just pairing two schools, it is creating an exchange between three and more schools, to show different perspectives. Even in one country schools are very different and the idea behind “Go! Global” is, to be careful with so called “Single Stories” and to give the learners the opportunity to get concrete contacts and information about specific school in a specific city/area of a country.
  2. In the virtual exchange, different methods are being used. In our first pilot phase we used videos and video conferences, which is a great way of exchange. But as not every school in the world has the needed technical equipment and as we are working in the second phase with schools in rural areas in India, we are now testing different methods which are also working offline.
  3. The exchange is topic related and therefore allows the learner to exchange knowledge on eye level with other learners and they can discover similarities in this specific topic.

Project website of “Go! Global Reclaim the Rubbish”:


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