ESD for Transforming Education for Children and Youth, India September 2016

ESD Expert Net contributed as key partner to world conference on ESD


Transforming education to follow SDG 4.7 on education for sustainable development must lead a general transformation of education for children and youth. Education must be developed as Education for Sustainable Development from mainly education about sustainable development. At this international conference with 350 participants from nearly 80 countries, the ESD Expert Net contributed with 11 members of the network and gave inputs to nearly all workshops.  The main area of our contribution was the development of indicators and quality criteria for SDG 4.7 on local and school level. How can and will school support students’ activities towards handprint on sustainable development, to develop sustainable lifestyles and become global citizens. CEE (Centre for Environment Education), UNESCO and ESD Expert Net agreed on working together to develop criteria and indicators to look at SDG 4.7 on school level.

Besides this topic, the conference worked on all elements of SDG 4.7 in plenary sessions over the three day period. ESD Expert Net was able to support the discussion by joining all panel discussions on gender, global citizenship education, SDG 4.7 and research based development as well as global partnerships and networking for ESD in general.

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